Our travel agents at RAD travel will help you plan every step of a trip from the lodging to the transportation.


We work as a human search engine.                         with your trip information and what you need booked and we will send you a message back with all your various options, like this one. 

We quickly locate the best prices to save you time from endlessly searching.

During your trip, we'll text or email you updates if anything is canceled, delayed, or changed and we'll schedule appropriate arrangements if possible for you so you can just enjoy your trip. 

We don't charge a commission for your first trip; we ask that you leave us a review on your experience if you feel inclined.

After the first trip, we charge $10 a year for unlimited consultancy services on unlimited trips. We will always find the best options out there, send you the links, and you have the option to do all the booking yourself. If not, you can provide us with your information once we have found your perfect trip and we will book it for you. The booking confirmations direct from the airlines/car rentals/ hotels will be emailed to you immediately after booking.

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